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a drink

between friends

Women's Fiction with Romantic & Comedic Elements


Maeve McGarrigle knows business and she knows booze. However, running a booze business is not what she had in mind. But, a last minute break-up with her fiancé, and getting furloughed from her financial consulting job changes everything. This ambitious Irishwoman makes a continental leap to Florida. She aims to rebuild her disastrous life along with her grandfather’s dysfunctional pub–an Irish establishment that serves Mexican food to its oddball patrons. Beyond the complexities of pouring a perfect and profitable pint, Maeve finds herself in the midst of a Hatfield & McCoy-like feud between the pub and the funeral home next-door. The hostility reaches new levels of outrage when an unexpected flirtation begins between Maeve and the assistant funeral director.

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how's the book?

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8/20/21 - Wow, this pandemic can knock you off of your goals if you let it. Slowly, but surely I'm building up the will to write again. I'm using my tools within The Book Launch Planner to help keep me on track. I've also rounded up some great writing books so I'll start on the right foot for Book #2. Write True: A Bestseller's Guide to Writing Craft and Achieving Success in the Romance Industry is the latest writing guide from Author Jennifer Probst. This guide on how to write a Hallmark Christmas Rom-Com looked interesting, so I picked it up, too. Okay, time to get this slow burning romance for writing hot again!

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How's The Book

A taste OF


Live reading of A Drink Between Friends at Charis Books and More in Atlanta, Georgia.

Live Reading
The Irish Pub in Orlando that's the insp
One of the three Irish Pubs in Florida that inspired A Drink Between Friends. The Claddagh Cottage was next-door to a funeral home in Orlando. Ashley's Pub served Mexican Food in Gainesville. Culhane's Irish Pub is on Atlantic Beach and it's run by four Irish sisters. The food and the vibe were always amazing at all three pubs!
Book Inspiration
Listen to the songs that helped me write the story!
"Drunk Girls" by LCD Soundsystem, "Longing to Belong" by Eddie Vedder, & "Sick of Losing Soulmates" by dodie are my favorites!
Aesthetic by my awesome Pitch Wars mentor
Kristin Rockaway!
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