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Real Talk about Living Single

as a Christian Woman

It's tough out here for us single ladies. And the odds don't get any better in the houses of the holy. Take for example a recent Singles Night I attended at my church. When the room was split, there weren't enough men to fill the rows and rows of empty seats. However, the females overflowed into the balcony. (So much for plenty of fish in the sea.) Despite this dystopian dating scene, I keep my faith in finding true love thanks to authors like Mandy Hale. She's the patroness saint of single Christian women. Mandy doesn't fit the old school, church lady mold. She's honest about her hope and her heartbreaks, and doesn't hold back about saying what's right and what's wrong in love and life. Her philosophy can best be described in a Sex and the City quote: "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first." Check out Mandy, as well as Selina Almodovar for more great advice for solo sistas!    

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